Why Piano is the worst instrument to start with.

How to find the right instrument for my child?

Learn Piano, choose first instrument, child, Kids, instrumentThere are around 300-400 “traditional Instruments” available. How on earth can I choose the right one for my child? Have you ever asked yourself that questions?

May I suggest that maybe the question you are asking is leading in the wrong direction. Rather than you choosing the instrument for your child, let your child choose what instrument is best (depending on the age with a little help of course). Why do I say that?

In my experience as a music teacher of over 10 years I have found that kids who are passionate about the instrument they are learning are about ten times more likely to continue to learn it and to enjoy the instrument at the same time.

Traditional “wisdom” often suggests to always start with piano (“Because it is a great foundation for all other instruments!”). I could not disagree more. Let’s use “Luke” as an example:

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