The amazing effects music can have on your relationships- Are you missing out?

How learning an instrument together with the people you love can empower your relationships and the three most common misconceptions that will try to stop you from experiencing the joy and power of it.

Many of us would agree that music has a deep effect on our emotions.

Listening to said music generally makes us said, listening to the song “Happy” can put a smile on our face within 2 seconds (or we can be really annoyed cause we heard the song about a billion times by now:)).

I would argue that music does not only have an effect on your own emotions but can have a huge effect on your relationships as well.

Growing up I used to play in 5 bands at the same time. One moment that still stands out to me the most was a band rehearsal I had together with a friend of mine.

He is a piano player and I was on electric guitar. We played a very simple song but something magical happened during that song.

Even though the structure and melody was not complex the way we played together was magical. It felt like we connected on a deeper level and every note played felt amazing.

My friend is a really “manly” and strong guy but during that song he actually started crying- and men usually never cry.
We were chatting about this moment later and we could not really explain what had happened but that moment bonded us like nothing else we experienced together before.
Music can empower your relationships. Especially playing and learning an instrument together can create a sense of oneness and togetherness that is really hard to achieve through anything else.

Me on stage as a teenager.
On stage as a teenager.

This is the main reason why we started “strum with your mum”. We experienced the joy and power of playing music together with people we love.

The three most common misconceptions about learning an instrument together with someone else we love.

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