3 Tips that will help YOU to bond with your child today.

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   Is it hard for you to bond with your child? Do you feel like whatever you say or do won’t help to get more connected to your kids? Do you already have a   great relationship with your kids but want to find more ways to bond closer together? Let’s get started…

Looking back at my childhood I remember that one of the most amazing moments with my dad has been a camping trip we went on together. It was only one night but probably the most memorable one together with my dad.
Just me and Dad away from all distractions in the wilderness. I had my Dad’s attention to 100%. What an awesome feeling.

This is why we started “Strum With Your Mum” (Strum with your Dad didn’t rhyme:)). To create an environment for crucial bonding times to happen.

We found the following three keys can help YOUR relationship with your kids in day to day life:


1) Value Quality time over Quantity time.

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