Why Piano is the worst instrument to start with.

How to find the right instrument for my child?

Learn Piano, choose first instrument, child, Kids, instrumentThere are around 300-400 “traditional Instruments” available. How on earth can I choose the right one for my child? Have you ever asked yourself that questions?

May I suggest that maybe the question you are asking is leading in the wrong direction. Rather than you choosing the instrument for your child, let your child choose what instrument is best (depending on the age with a little help of course). Why do I say that?

In my experience as a music teacher of over 10 years I have found that kids who are passionate about the instrument they are learning are about ten times more likely to continue to learn it and to enjoy the instrument at the same time.

Traditional “wisdom” often suggests to always start with piano (“Because it is a great foundation for all other instruments!”). I could not disagree more. Let’s use “Luke” as an example:

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How long does it take to learn guitar? 3 Steps to FAST-TRACK your guitar learning experience by years.

Would’t it be nice to have a magical pill that if you take it you are able to play guitar within 10 seconds?
Although I am working on creating that pill – unfortunately it doesn’t exist yet.

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How long does it take to learn guitar then?

The amount of time to be able to play guitar is depending on the following “ingredients”:

– Talent/ musicality
– The teachers ability to motivate and teach.
– Amount and persistency of practice.

With that said there are some rough guidelines that can help you to find out how long it might take you:

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The amazing effects music can have on your relationships- Are you missing out?

How learning an instrument together with the people you love can empower your relationships and the three most common misconceptions that will try to stop you from experiencing the joy and power of it.

Many of us would agree that music has a deep effect on our emotions.

Listening to said music generally makes us said, listening to the song “Happy” can put a smile on our face within 2 seconds (or we can be really annoyed cause we heard the song about a billion times by now:)).

I would argue that music does not only have an effect on your own emotions but can have a huge effect on your relationships as well.

Growing up I used to play in 5 bands at the same time. One moment that still stands out to me the most was a band rehearsal I had together with a friend of mine.

He is a piano player and I was on electric guitar. We played a very simple song but something magical happened during that song.

Even though the structure and melody was not complex the way we played together was magical. It felt like we connected on a deeper level and every note played felt amazing.

My friend is a really “manly” and strong guy but during that song he actually started crying- and men usually never cry.
We were chatting about this moment later and we could not really explain what had happened but that moment bonded us like nothing else we experienced together before.
Music can empower your relationships. Especially playing and learning an instrument together can create a sense of oneness and togetherness that is really hard to achieve through anything else.

Me on stage as a teenager.
On stage as a teenager.

This is the main reason why we started “strum with your mum”. We experienced the joy and power of playing music together with people we love.

The three most common misconceptions about learning an instrument together with someone else we love.

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3 Tips that will help YOU to bond with your child today.

Family fun northern beaches guitar lessons group lessons

   Is it hard for you to bond with your child? Do you feel like whatever you say or do won’t help to get more connected to your kids? Do you already have a   great relationship with your kids but want to find more ways to bond closer together? Let’s get started…

Looking back at my childhood I remember that one of the most amazing moments with my dad has been a camping trip we went on together. It was only one night but probably the most memorable one together with my dad.
Just me and Dad away from all distractions in the wilderness. I had my Dad’s attention to 100%. What an awesome feeling.

This is why we started “Strum With Your Mum” (Strum with your Dad didn’t rhyme:)). To create an environment for crucial bonding times to happen.

We found the following three keys can help YOUR relationship with your kids in day to day life:


1) Value Quality time over Quantity time.

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3 Tips to buy your first guitar

Ever wondered how to buy your first guitar?
Our top 3 tips:

1) Don’t spend a lot of money on your first guitar. You won’t really know what you like and what best suits your sound and playing style. Get a bargain to start and then see where it takes you:)

2) Go to a shop and actually play it yourself (even if you can’t play great stuff yet). Ask yourself: Does it feel good to hold this guitar?

3) Take someone to the guitar shop with you that is more experienced than you to help you. A friend will give you good advice, a salesman usually wants to sell a product that involves a big profit for their shop.

For some more tips go to:

Guitar lessons on the northern beaches.

This guitar is looking great- but is not great for beginners.-SORRY:)