Guitar lessons together with the people you love.

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We are super excited to offer Guitarpower’s “Strum with your mum” guitar lessons all around the Northern Beaches, Inner City of Sydney and the Shire.


Our passion is to create an environment where you can learn guitar with the people you love.
Whether it is your son, your daughter, your brother or your spouse- it is a lot of fun and a great bonding experience to learn guitar together.

Local Business award, strum with your mum, guitar lessons, group lessons, northern beaches, new business, 2015 winnerWe have found that guitar lessons can sometimes be boring. That is why we want to make sure that every guitar lesson will be the most encouraging moment of your week.

Imagine you and your child having the best time ever learning guitar. That’s what it will look like in our “Strum with your mum” lessons.

To give you an idea about why we started “Strum with your mum” and what a lesson can look like please have a look at this short 1 min video.

Feel free to have a look around on our website.
Again: We would love to empower your guitar skills and your relationships through our guitar lessons all around the Northern Beaches and beyond. 

Maybe your friends and extended family could benefit from “Strum with your mum”- if so please let them know. They will be super excited about the opportunity to have guitar lessons together with the people they love.

To hear what our students say about “Strum with your mum” click on the image below:

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